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Part 1: Introduction and Positioning 

Welcome to the Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC  … this is the second video in the workshop and whether you as Entrepreneur or you as Corporate Executive, this is the place to be, the place to 2X to 5X your assets without having to risk going out of your home or village.


I’m Larry Gamboa and I’ve been helping folks Expand Pinoy Entrepreneurial Freedom the last 20+ years, at first in partnership with Washington Sycip of SGV  and later with Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. 


In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to use two Silicon Valley tools--TRP BMC and TRP BMY.  


Part 2: Thanks and Recap 


The response to my first video has been incredible…thank’s so much for tuning in and giving me honest feedback on how you're feeling and pivoting during the start of this crisis. Your feedback encouraged me to do a Seed Launch as taught by Jeff Walker in his Product Launch Formula (PLF). 


Now if you missed the first video in this series, you should go check it out because I covered a way to 2X then 5X your business as you come out of one crisis after another. And I showed how to pivot from linear growth to exponential growth despite Recession and Depression in the global and local  economy. If you haven’t seen the first video yet, go watch it right now… there’s a link to it at the top of this page… and then come back for this second video. 


Part 3: PS Path - The Problem 

I'll reveal the sneaky (and ethical way) to massively achieve amazing returns (2X   to 5X) which will  shock your bank (1%), your real estate agent (3-6%) and your stock market broker (10%) and financial adviser (15%). The pivot I’ll share with you before the webinar ends will be so simple but effective, you’ll say why didn’t I think of that in the first place?

Blame the pandemic. But no fear, we are here beside you, my friend.  

But you say you have the following problems/blocks.

1. You do not have the resources to open a Zoom account from home. So get one--FAST. 

2. You are not at peace in your own life and company. My friend, "We’re in a pandemic, remember?" 

3. Hello, you object, “I'm so depressed from this recession, I'm unable to see clearly to take a baby step forward.”

Part 4: PS Path - The Solution 

So here’s why Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC is important precisely at this time. It demands simple baby steps that's doable (like a baby learning to walk) precisely in a crisis situation such as this. 

 I’ve helped thousands of people the past 12 years find their passion and monetize it as Authors, Speakers, Seminar Leaders and Real Estate Investors.

Now I want to initially help Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs 2X  and 5X their business and  investments in the safety of their own home... or hotel. 

Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC is a proven and tested system and toolbox for boosting your chances of expanding your entreprenurial freedom 2X to 5X and more, especially in times of crisis like this pandemic. 

The first baby step is to take control of your mindset.  So Click here to get a copy of  just how the BMC is the center of the three launches of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula.  (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).

SHARE MY STORY OF HOW I DREW MY TRP BMC AND TRP BMY Business Model and how I used both tools to Pivot at the start of this crisis. 

In March, I pivoted the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar LIVE to offer it Online, right at the start of our COVID-19 lockdown. 

From scary start,  I’m going to share with you the 3 Mindset Pivot Secrets in TRP BMC so you too can 2X then 5X your business online and offline. 

The very first baby step is to share the Mindset Pivot Secret. First step is to design your own Business Model Canvas with a one-page picture made up of 9 Boxes. 

The second baby step I did as a Mindset Pivot  to use Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula to do a Seed Launch. The Seed Launch helped me create a  product, built a list and made money during the period where Makati Sports Club (our favorite venue) was closed.

Thank Jeff Walker for the Seed Launch, will you?



The third Mindset Pivot is to do an Internal Launch of the Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC where I offer an amazing cutting edge tool that can 2X and 5X your asset returns without having to leave your house or the hotel that you're "quaranteened" in. 

Thus, this pivot we’ll look at is tested and proven to be adaptable to the Philippine and the US market. Jeff Walker proved the exponential power of his PLF. I simply connected TRP BMC to Jeff's model. And that's what I'm sharing with you now. 

In sum, you take baby steps,  from the comfort of your own home or hotel.  With a minimum of coaching and guidance, you'll pivot 2X then 5X your hard-earned cash to provide for the next generation when it's time for you to pass it on.

It's what I did. And if a 75 year old non-techie like me can do it, you can do it. 

And not only will you learn  "HOW" with  TRP BMC, but you'll get to meet like-minded folks using the tool on Sept. 15, 17, 19, 21 from 10:00am to 12:00.

That is right, You'll meet the WHO's in my life. (real flesh and blood innovative entrepreneurs described by Jim McKelvey in "The Innovation Stack") who're able to  pivot as you face a new normal environment.

Not looking back. Not Fearful and Paralyzed.  But forging ahead towards the future. Unafraid. Energized. Growing in wisdom, grace and age before God and man. 

That’s the first mindset pivot you'll learn —"Who Not How"—which I applied in my own real estate business in this lockdown, pandemic, crisis situation.

I'll share just how when we meet in this first video and in video 2 and video 3, and for some of you, in depth,  on the other side of the three Videos I'll be sharing with you for FREE the next few days. 

As a parting gift for staying with me in this Webinar, I will gift you with the TRP Business Model Canvas. Yes the very same framework I used and that each of the awesome speakers the TRP BMC Seed Launch used to pivot their business in the midst of this pandemic. 

To get this gift which is a one-page nine-box business model canvas, just click on the link below. There you will see how you can learn tools and tricks to:

  • Make sure you have consistent Internet Connection. 

  • Find the cash to enroll in this tested program.

  • Deploy TRP BMC tool to  help you Prosper in a Time of Crisis. 

  • Learn the discipline of daily practice of  "Examen & Entrepreneurship," as taught by my mentor Bro. Mon Callo SDB.

  • True, Investing in the global market is less risky and more satisfying then investing only in the Philippine Market especially with tools like TRP BMC and TRP BMY. 

Now in this video, I want to take you deeper in to this area and I’m going to show you how I used TRP BMC to pivot so you'll see how TRP BMC can help you pivot your business, too. 

We’re going to be covering a lot of ground today, so be sure to download the PDF of TRP BMC on this page so you can follow along and take notes. 

So there’s a reason you’re watching this video. It’s either you are cash liquid and uncertain what to do or your company has a 3- month burn rate but you're interested in pivoting to increase your burn rate to 6 months to 12 months. 

And there’s never been a better time to act then now when the whole world is paralyzed into inaction. Because crisis is a time of great opportunity. For some persons. Are you to be one of them?

So in this video, I’ve openly shared with you what I've done and. what other's have done to pivot in the midst of crisis to discover opportunity. 

To get started with using TRP BMC… the first thing to do is to download the tool (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TRP BMC) 

Part 5: Answer Questions and Address Objections 

OK, we covered a huge amount of ground in this video. Take a deep breath. You don’t need to DO all of it… you don’t need to KNOW all of it. This video was about  ONE simple tools to 2X and 5X your business. and how it’s possible to pivot by taking baby steps from your. home and/or hotel. A lot of people have been asking about which hotels provide the best internet connection. Suggest you google that to get your connection and  start practicing by downloading the TRP BMC tool.

Part 6: Introduce PLC3 

Now I want to tell you about the next video I’ve got for you: the Ownership Video. You’re going to love this one. In fact, I think it will be your favorite. I’m going to walk you through  (how to solve this problem/achieve this desired result). And you’re also going to be able to download TRP BMC and a second tool--the TRP BMY – it’s going to be really cool and I think you’re going to love it. So watch for that in your inbox (seed anticipation). 

Part 7: Call to Action 

Now I want to hear from you - what action are you going to take to get started? Let me know in the comments below. 

Now if you found value in this video, please share it with at least three people you know – especially if  you care for them and they're feeling so down, they are talking to you about shutting down their business. It’s easier to get started on this journey when you have other people on the path with you. Especially folks you care about deeply. 

But right now, please scroll down and… first of all, hit that like button. Everyone likes to get likes. And then leave a comment for me and all our friends and loved ones hit by this global crisis. (seed reciprocity 

I’ll see you in the next video. 

With passion and purpose,

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