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Eleven Reasons Why We Decided to make the “Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar” available -- ONLINE

Reason #1

You asked for it. I received your e-mails which said “Larry, I live in the L.A. and am not able to go to Manila to attend your course. Can you make it available online?”

Reason #2

The online course spreads my mission. What is my mission? “To help Pinoy Entrepreneurs find their passion and monetize it as authors, speakers, seminar leaders and real estate investors.”

Reason #3

As you listen and/or watch the course ask this one question: “What one thing touched me and/or inspired me to become the best version of myself, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually?” Be specific.

Reason #4

What question(s) do you have that you feel you’d like to ask the speaker? Remember my friend, “in life, questions are the answers.” Ask anyone who has been with me to a seminar (yes I’m a seminar junkie) and they will say I enjoy asking questions that clarify. I clarify for myself and clarify for others.

Reason #5

If you get the online version you learn instantly (and with the internet it is really instant) you get to digest the material close to the time you feel the need for it. Of course, we will give you the option to order the material through snail mail whether you are within the Philippines or abroad. (Click below to see the 3 options) Jordan is this clear?


Reason #6

Online delivery enables us to reach the more than 10,000,000 Filipinos working all over the world. Just help me touch 1% and you’ll make my day. I would be empowering entrepreneurs to find their passion and monetize it. In real estate, business or the stock market.


Reason #7

I feel like an educator. Sure I left the La Salle Brothers after 4 marvelous years. But I must admit, the La Salle Brothers never left me. I am on fire with a passion to educate “to draw out” the best in people. Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar ONLINE empowers me to do that.


Reason #8

The world is now my classroom. I’m an entrepreneur sharing and learning from other fellow entrepreneurs. So yes “email” me your Business Model Canvas and a question.


Reason #9

So are you one of the crazy Pinoy’s who believe they can learn something, just one BIG thing per seminar, online or offline, then click on the button below to receive at your fingertips material from Think Rich Pinoy Seminar ONLINE and ask one question. Either the speaker or I will answer. If not, make me “kulit.” Pinoy ka, di ba?


Reason #10

You can get a wealth of wisdom, ideas and insights from many different practicing  Pinoy millionaire speakers who’re making money in real estate, business or even in the stock market. Randy Manloto, my real estate guru says there is more than 101 ways to make money in real estate.


Reason #11

Remember what my mentor Teilhard de Chardin says, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Allow the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar to be such a spiritual and human experience. Read the letter below and click the link to get instantly educated—spiritually and humanly.

Get Out of the Rat Race Before It’s Too Late.Build Your Passive Income through Real Estate.

Do you feel trapped in a 9-to-5 job that robs your soul of its joy? Do you want to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want it, and spendgenerous time with the people who mean most to you?

So many people work hard, clocking in more hours at work than they do at home, but still do not get rich. They do not experience the abundance they so rightfully deserve. So many employees spend years in a job they do not love just to earn a living. Exhausted, tired and sick, they want to get out of the rat race but do not know how. Are you one of them?

Are you working abroad, far away from your loved ones, just to earn a living? Do you want to learn how to make your money work for you so that you can go back home soon?

I want to show you a better and smarter way to earn so that you can bring more life into your years and enjoy what you have worked so hard for.

Your Financial Freedom

Starts Here…

Imagine waking up to a brand new day. You open your window and breathe in the fresh air. The wind carries the sound of your children and grandchildren’s laughter.

You are happy to be home, free from the financial woes that used to plague you before. You have secured your family’s future by building passive income through your real estate investments.

Today, you are free to schedule lunch with your best buddies and you are happy to treat them to a goodmeal because you want to share your blessings. You are grateful that you have the time to do the things that give your life meaning. You have successfully built passive income to fund your passions and mission. There’s even more than enough to give to ministry. You’ll look back three to five years from now and you’ll be thankful that you decided to join the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance seminar. Your journey to financial freedom all started from here.

Yes, there is a smarter way for you to earn money. Yes, you can earn passive income even while you sleep.

Let me show you the real estate way — Buy and sell homes, build and sell properties, earn through rental assets such as dorms, or sell commercial property. The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours.

No Money, No Credit, No Knowledge on Real Estate Investing? No problem!


We have been buying and selling foreclosed real estate for years now on the strength of deals. Yes, it can be done. Let me show you how to turn around foreclosed and dormant properties into rental properties or quick sales. You don’t even have to wait for a recession to buy property. You can have your own assets that will get you out of the rat race in no time!

  • Do you want to start a business with minimum risk BEFORE retiring or turning in your resignation letter?

  • Are you self-employed and want to build passive income so you can earn even when you’re not working?

  • Are you a BPO high-earner who want to grow in financial literacy so you can build capital for an Asset?

  • Do you see yourself as an Innovator who wants to link the Internet and Real Estate as an author, speaker, seminar leader, online marketer, and real estate investor?

  • Are you an OFW who wants to maximize returnsfor your hard earned money?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar is for you.

Learn how to create passive income through real estate and investigate various real estate models so you can choose the best one for you. You’ll also learn how to marry real estate and the information business together so that you can earn more.


You’ll Earn A Fortune If You Do It Right. Let Me Guide You.


Hi! I'm Larry Gamboa, author of Think Rich, Pinoy! I teach ordinary people, employees, executives, and entrepreneurs like you how to earn passive income. I also teach people how to make a difference in otherpeople's lives as real estate investors.

Once upon a time, I was a teacher. And believe me, my journey from teaching to real estate was not an easy one. Just like any other journey, it was paved with many detours and valleys.

Very deep valleys.

One day, I felt lost not knowing my purpose and direction in life. So when faced with uncertainty, I worked on what I knew best—teaching. I taught in seminars and learned all about the Training industry. Thus, I earned doing my passion.

In the midst of martial law (yes that long ago), I set up my own Training company by joint venturing with Washington Sycip of SGV and Bill Byham of DDI to capture the Asean market. After 10 profitable years, I sold off my shares. I didn’t quite know the difference between cash and cash flow; my grade in financial literacy was zero.

Did I make a mistake?

Perhaps I did, but through that "mistake" I stumbled into the simple, lucrative, and challenging field of real estate and information marketing. I bought foreclosed properties and turned them into rental income. I also got into many other real estate models—models that I now teach to others.

After learning the ropes of the real estate business for more than 10 years, I’m been blessed to connect with other mentors who taught me about their business.

Today, I have so much fun teaching others how to succeed in real estate. I made it my mission to raise up 1,000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020. You can be one of them! I believe that if the Philippines will become a First World country and the only way for this to happen is to build up more entrepreneurs.

Earn Passive Income Working A Minimum Of 2 Hours Per Day.

I teach Employees and Executives like you how to earn passive income working 2 hours per day. You will learn how to do this in our Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar. Get ready for an enriching whole-day event where you’ll be learning and experiencing life-changing lessons including:

  1. Meeting Investors who have made it in real estate by strengthening their mindset and marketing skills.

  2. Learn from Special Guest Speaker’s about the Theology of Money (Mindset).

  3. Learn from me the Technology of Money (Best Practices).

  4. Learn how to be a Real Estate Investor working with Real Estate top Brokers.

  5. Recruit and train Property Managers and Real Estate Brokers to maximize results from your properties.

  6. Come face to face with Case Studies showing real estate investments that yield a return on investment of infinity with minimal risk.

  7. Learn Step-by-Step Methods & Frameworks on how to do Real Estate Investment Deals

  8. Be challenged to find out your BIG WHY.

  9. Move from your comfort zone to your challenge zone as you grow in financial literacy and character with each deal you close.

  10. Maximize your return on investment with each deal.

  11. Make money in real estate in 30-60-90 days (with no money, no credit, and no prior knowledge).

  12. Build a qualified Buyer's list.

  13. Position yourself to employ three (3) specific strategies to make money in real estate — buy and hold, rent to own, and wholesaling.

All these incredible learnings you will get for P5,997 only — a small token compared to what it will be unleashing in your life after the seminar. The information I’ll be sharing with you in this seminar changed my life. I’ve tested it in my own work and have proven it effective. I know it can change your life,too. As a teacher, I am excited to share this with you.

Unfortunately, only 50 seats are available, so hurry before we close the doors which happened in the last seminar so folks had to join the next seminar scheduled 3 months later. We can only accommodate a small group.

I don’t want you to miss this. Register now to secure your seat.






100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. No Questions Asked!


I will take ALL the risk. If you feel that I didn’t over-deliver in this seminar, please request for a refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, I’ll send back your seminar fee. Please request a refund after the first day of the seminar.

Why? Because I want to serve you well. I want to give you more than what you expected to get from this seminar.

18 Million in 18 Minutes
It Can Happen To You, Too!

When CentroMavens met with Sir Larry Gamboa at his Remax-TRP office in Madrigal, Alabang to consult about our upcoming condotel project, we did not know what to expect except that we will be there to get wisdom from a guru who started the real estate investing revolution in the Philippines using the Rent-to-Own business model, Robert Kiyosaki style.

Once we were settled in, he asked us about our latest project, a condominium building called Centro Heights located in Makati, walking distance to Makati Avenue, Century City Mall and Rockwell. He inquired about our business plan, our target market, the services we’re planning to offer and our distribution channels.


Since this is the first project that we as CentroMavens would be working on as partners, he sensed perhaps that our ideas needed refinement and so he introduced to us the Business Model Canvass that he learned from Alexander Osterwalder. According to Osterwalder, business plans do not survive at first contact with customers. Sir Larry proceeded to educate us about the Business Model Canvas and he let us answer a diagram. He pretty much gave us a workshop right then and there!


While filling up the Business Model Canvas, we were able to improve our concept and narrow down our target market and refine our unique selling proposition. It also helped that Sir Larry was asking the right questions that expanded our view and gave us clarity.

We were only supposed to give a teaser of Centro Heights at the Wealth Summit in 2015, but because we had a clearer view of what we can offer to the market through the project, we were able to create a marketing campaign called “Halo-Halo with Ice Cream on Top in Real Estate Investing,” an Asset-Secured Passive Income through Real Estate (ASPIRE) strategy, which enabled us to sell P18 million in 18 Minutes!

The Business Model Canvas and Sir Larry’s mentorship helped pave the way to our success! We still continue to refine and improve this BMC exercise by reviewing what we have learned so far to level up our next project launch in the coming year!

Janica Masilang, Maves Angeles,
Randy Manaloto, Ruth Ang
CentroMavens Corporation

Think Rich, Pinoy! Changed My Life


I have read many books on Real Estate. I was convinced that Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was the holy grail on how to earn through real estate. I wanted to practice what he preached but didn’t know where to find zero down payment properties. I tossed the book into the dark recesses of my bookshelf but my mind kept coming back to the lessons he shared in his book.

A few years later, I picked up Think Rich, Pinoy! It was a thin book that promised to apply the principles of Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the Philippine setting. I devoured the book and my mind started to race as I read Dr. Larry’s journey to discovering passive income through real estate. He did not just preach; he was the guinea pig and it worked!

After reading this book, my quest to build my own passive income reignited and I am now building and selling homes.

Thank you, Dr. Larry, for Think Rich, Pinoy!

Bunny de Leon
Developer, Parañaque

Gaining Invaluable Wisdom


I've read Robert Kiyosaki's book and attended seminars in the United States related to Real Estate where I'm actively engaged as a developer-lessor. Our mindset is always to fund projects using our savings/investments and since we are just in rentals, the return is slow. After reading Dr. Larry's ThinkRich, Pinoy! and realizing that we can expand faster by borrowing money, I decided to attend his seminar and personally asked Dr. Larry if he can me mentor me and the rest is history!

Randy Manoloto

Reserve Your Seat Now and Start Creating Your Passive Income








Like them, I want to teach you a new and smarter way of earning. I want to see you at the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar so that you can start living the life that you want. Register Now! Complete details will be sent to you once you register.

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See you at the seminar!


With passion and purpose,


Larry Gamboa, PhD.
Author, Think Rich, Pinoy!
Founder of www.ThinkRichPinoy.com


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