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Hey, it’s Larry. If you made it this far, if you’re watching this video, that tells me a couple of things. First of all, you’re interested in “First Time Home Buyer’s Course”. Second, there’s at least one spot still available, otherwise we would have already pulled down the video. Right?


This is the deal – “First Time Home Buyer’s” is for you if you are serious about making your first (or second) real estate investment. It is also for entrepreneurs who want to scale up their business. 


Remember the richest people in the world either make their money in real estate or park their money in real estate. I just love real estate investing as a way to Expand Pinoy Entrepreneurial Freedom. To create cash and cash flow through real estate.


I’ve been helping people achieve these results for the last 30 years. I want you to experience the freedom that creating cash and cash flow through real estate, provides. Freedom of time, people, and purpose to maximize your unique ability (where you focus on what fascinates and motivates you).


This training is going to go deep on these five steps. We’re going to do 5 live calls. The first call is going to be about the 3 deadliest mistakes real estate investors make. In the second call you’ll learn how you can overcome each of these deadly mistakes. You’ll also get homework, worksheets, resources and tools to empower you in your journey. 


Again, this is a very interactive process. I’ll be taking your questions live, you’re going to be able to get access to me. Just you and a very small group of people. I don’t have some big fancy pitch for this. If you’ve made it this far, there is at least one more space available, probably more than one.


We’ll be starting our first call next week, then we’ll have another 4 calls every 2 days until you’ve learned this so you can achieve  confidence to do your first or second real estate deal. Don’t worry if you face as much as ten deadly mistakes in real estate investing that can trip you up. The questions and challenges you raise in between calls will help you overcome those blocks.


Normally, my students pay more than Php30,000 to learn from me. But the way I’ve been able to put this thing together we’re going to have a small interactive training and because of the way we’re putting this together I’m able to keep the price down to Php11,999. So it’s not going to cost you Php30,000 to learn from me. Just click the button below to get started immediately and join me in the First Time Home Buyer’s Online Course. Of course, like everything I offer, it’s 100% guaranteed.


BONUS! Free 1 seat to the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar on January 25, 2020.


Once I learned how to do this, I achieved amazing results in people’s lives starting with my own. And I want to help you achieve your personal and professional goals too. There is one thing I can’t do. I can’t click that button; I can’t click that registration. Only you can do that. Go ahead, click that button, and I’ll see you in the “First Time Home Buyer’s Online Course”.