Disclaimer: “Note: TRP UncleSAM is NOT connected with Bo Sanchez or the TrulyRichClub.”

TRP UncleSAM is the idea of Larry Gamboa, Ronald Cagape and Randy Manaloto

Welcome to Think Rich Pinoy UncleSAM. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, a Corporate Executive,  or a returning OFW, this is the place to be, the place to 2X or 5X your business and liquid Assets like stocks or cash.


I’m Larry Gamboa and I’ve been helping Corporations and Executives Expand Their Entrepreneurial Freedom for the last 20 years), ten years in partnership with the late Washington Sycip of SGV and the next ten years as an Entrepreneur and Think Rich Pinoy Coach working in the Truly Rich Club Founded by Bo Sanchez


Now with Ronald Cagape of DealMaker Institute and Randy Manaloto of CityDorms, we’re launching an exciting new product--TRP UncleSAM.


This is the first in a series of three training videos which aims to help Filipinos to become Global Stock Market Investors.


For the past 10 years, I launched the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminars (TRP AS). In the past 6 months, I did a Seed Launch where I created a new product: The Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas (TRP BMC). 


It was during the TRP BMC Seed Launch that I stumbled into a Problem, actually three Problems, faced by Filipino Entrepreneurs and Employees.

Allow me to state the three problems…


  • Problem #1. You have been cost averaging in the Philippine Stock Market through stocks or mutual funds and you're getting "ho-hum" returns (or even negative losses) instead of explosive returns like 100%, 500% or more.

  •   Problem #2. You have NOT been investing in the Philippine stock market and would like to DIVERSIFY your investments in markets that are not affected by local economic or political happenings.

  •   Problem #3. You have strong cashflow or cash in the bank and want to maximize your investment ROI by deploying your cash in other investments for exponential rather than linear and “ho-hum” income growth.


Which of the three Problem do you identify with? Share in the comment section below…


Here’s an avatar, a profile,  of two persons with this problem. Two persons we’ve met in the Think Rich Pinoy BMC Seed Launch. One, a Corporate Executive  The second, an OFW retiree that’s been hit by the “black swan” of this pandemic. And blindsided.


  1. Antonio Hinarang, married with kids. Antonio is a typical millennial who’s made it. A lawyer who just made partner in his firm. Antonio gets a measly return from the Philippine stock market of less than 3%.


  1. Imelda Dagus is a returning OFW, retired from a high paying job as Executive Secretary in the Middle East. She is married with 2 grown up kids. She dreams of expanding her Davao Coffee business. But business has slowed down and her “burn rate” is 3 months. She needs to pivot--Fast.


Like Antonio, Imelda finds herself to be very liquid. Both Antonio and Imelda have savings. Imelda from her job in the Middle East. Antonio from partnership bonuses received annually before the black swan hit.


Both Antonio and Imelda are feeling the pain of getting measly returns of less than 3% from banks. Sure, there are options. For example, Imelda re-invested hard-earned OFW cash, in her coffee business in Davao.


Both Imelda and Antonio invested in real estate. And diversified their portfolio by investing in the local stock market.  


Like Antonio and Imelda, we found ourselves in the same “black swan” situation. We’re stuck with measly returns for money we’d carefully saved through the years.


In short, just like Antonio and Imelda, we’re forced to pivot.


Our first Pivot was to Pivot to a new course--The Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas (TRP BMC). Now we’re pivoting again.



Revealed: Get 2X to 5X ROI in Global Stock Markets without Daily Trading & Monitoring


Get ready to have your investing mindset turned upside down in a great way.


Frankly, it was in the TRP BMC Seed Launch that we stumbled upon TRP UncleSAM.


TRP UncleSAM turns out to be the Solution to the Problem of earning measly returns of 3% or less.  We learned to Pivot from Local to Global. 


From investing in the Local Stock Market. To Investing in the Local + Global Stock Market.  We pivoted from learning the power of SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) to TRP UncleSAM (Strategic Asset Method).


Bo Sanchez’s SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) pioneered in helping Fiiipinos invest in the local stock market.  The goal of UncleSAM is to help Filipinos invest also in the Global stock Market.


Through TRP UncleSAM we’ll pivot to focus on U.S. Equities. Why? U.S. Equities now offering the best long-term appreciation.  We include financial literacy as part of what Filipinos learn, as they pivot to invest in the Global Stock Market.   


Disclaimer: Our strategy is NOT to sell you a course for you to make quick returns on daily stock trading of the global or local stock market.


But rather our strategy is to focus on long-term secular trends that would potentially be “100 Baggers.”  


So why DO TRP UncleSAM?


To 2X to 5X our ROI in Global Stock Markets and face the gnawing problem of linear and measly returns that the local banks and stock market provide.


The World isn’t Flat. It’s Round.  So Think Global.


We’ll share case studies of people that invested in 100 Baggers, stocks that show a long term secular trend like Amazon, Google or Netflix. So you see the power of being long-term Global Stock Market Investors.


Each case study of Filipino Global investors provide Clues to the Growth Mindset that moved them from linear to exponential growth.


Clues reveal that Filipinos who pivoted from a Problem to Solution Mindset had 4H traits. They are continually Hungry, Hardworking, Honest and Humble. And thus TEACHABLE.


You’ll hear the stories of your Rich Uncles—Ronald Cagape, Randy Manaloto and Larry Gamboa…


Thus, the goal of this FREE TRP UncleSAM Masterclass is to give you an overview of TRP UncleSAM System. Then, we’ll then break-down UncleSAM into 7 Steps that’s repeatable and scaleable.


In the third video, we’ll dive deep into each of the 7 Steps so you enter the global world of stock market investing from a peso mindset, and shift, overnight, to a dollar mindset.


Warning. It’s darn scary and you’ll feel lost and utterly confused.  We’re in a perfect storm. But this simply opens us to learning--big time. It’s true, fear can paralyze…or catalyze. Your choice.


Fear, believe it or not, is our ally. It paralyses some Entrepreneurs. It motivates and energizes others. Depends on your mindset.


In the next video, we’re going to cover transformation. How to address mindset blocks (like fear and stress).


How to use simple TOOLS  like “Who Not How” or the “Impact Filter” to provide options and possibilities. Giving us hope in the midst of a recession…or depression. .


We’re also going to show you how having a Mastermind Group helps to counter isolation that breeds depression.  Your Company needs “company.”


We’re into collaboration not competition. Call it coop-petition. Collaboration in the midst of competition.


Which is what TRP UncleSAM does.


TRP UncleSAM enables Filipinos to enter the world of Global Stock Market investing from the comfort of home and country.


Call to Action 


But right now, I want to know a little more about you…


What are two absolutely critical questions do you have right now. Please scroll down below and tell me in the comments section.


What are your straight-from-the-heart questions that are stopping you from entering the world of global stock market investing?


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