Disclaimer: “Note: TRP UncleSAM is NOT connected with Bo Sanchez or the TrulyRichClub.”

TRP UncleSAM is the idea of Larry Gamboa, Ronald Cagape and Randy Manaloto



Part 1: Introduction and Positioning


Welcome to the Think Rich Pinoy UncleSAM… this is the second video in the Masterclass. Whether you as Entrepreneur (ex. Antonio Hinirang), or you as Corporate secretary (ex. Imelda Dagus). this is the place to be.


The place to 2X to 5X your assets offline or online. Increase ROI 2X to 5X.


I’m Larry Gamboa and I’ve been helping Pinoy’s Expand their Entrepreneurial Freedom the last 20+ plus years. First, at first in partnership with the legendary Washington Sycip of SGV and later with Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club.


Enter my mentors, Ronald Cagape of Dealmaker’s Institute and Randy Manaloto of Citydorms.


In this Masterclass, you’ll choose which road to take—invest primarily in the local stock market and/or invest primarily in the Global Stock market.


Thanks and Recap


The response to the first video has been incredible…thanks so much for tuning in and sharing your two absolutely critical questions in this time of crisis. We honor and thank you for your openness and candor.


Now, if you missed the first video in this series, you should go check it out. We shared the top three problems of investing ONLY in the local stock market.  


You then asked, “Given the reality of these three problems, what’s the Solution?”


 Answer: Invest in BOTH the Local and the Global stock markets. The earth isn’t flat, it’s round. Why limit yourself to investing only in the Philippine Stock Market?


 The Problem


Easy you say, but WHAT Global Stocks should I invest in?


The Global market is too big and scary. It’s safer to stay within the confines of the Philippine Stock market. Especially if we’re able to get good guidance through places like the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez.


Question: Is there a formula to cut through the jungle of investing in the U.S. Stock market? Answer: There is and the formula can be found in--TRP UncleSAM. 


In TRP UncleSAM we Expand principles learned in SAM (Strategic Average Method) of Bo Sanchez to UncleSAM (Strategic Asset Management) for the Global Stock Market.   


TRP UncleSAM puts at your fingertips Global Stocks that are “100 Baggers.”

 “100 Baggers” are Stocks that return 100 to 1.  They  return $100 for every $1 invested.  That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1,000,000.

TRP UncleSAM gives you a framework that shows you how to find stocks that can be tagged as “100 Baggers.” Choose from 30 to 40 “100 Bagger”  stocks.  Build  yourself a portfolio of 14 Foundation stocks.  

In 8 weeks, you’ll find yourself navigating the Brave New World of Global Stock Market investing wherever you’re located--at home in the Philippines, or abroad.

In TRP UncleSAM, we’ll focus on U.S. Equities as they are now offering the best long-term appreciation.  We include “financial literacy” as part of what you’ll learn as YOU choose which global stocks to invest in. 


Note, our strategy is NOT to sell you a course for you to make quick, overnight returns. That’s daily stock trading of the global stock market. That viewing the Global Stock market as a gambling Casino.


We focus on long-term secular trends that are “100 baggers” for your portfolio. In truth, we’re long-term investors, not short-term traders.



But isn’t investing in the global and local stock market too dangerous? Not at all.  It’s actually safer because you DIVERSIFY your bets over a wide range of Global Stocks with a proven track record—100 Baggers.


With a framework to pinpoint “100 Baggers” and a wide range of stocks to choose from, you can build a portfolio of 14 Foundation stocks.  Thus, you hedge your bets.  An investment of $10,000 grows exponentially to $1,000,000 in 3 to 5 years.


More Problem-Solutions


Now you open up and frankly share “Blocks” that hinder you.


  1. “I do not have a U.S. dollar account. I only have a peso account.”  


  1. “I do not even know how to effectively convert my pesos to dollars so as to trade in the U.S. market in the first place.”


  1. “Besides,” you say, “Even if I had the dollars, isn’t investing in the U.S. stock market too risky?”


In effect, you have a big mindset and strategy “blockage” (feels like a heart blockage. Only it’s a mindset blockage).


And that’s robbing you of opportunity that’s staring at you in this crisis.


With the “100 Bagger” Framework and Mindset…

We’re limiting enrollment to “TRP UncleSAM.” A small Founder’s Group of 30 to 50 persons.


Our mission is to co-create a course that will enable Pinoy Entrepreneurs and Executives to safely invest in the Global  stock market without leaving the comfort of home and family.

This is where YOU come in.


Together we’ll create a proof-of-concept portfolio of 100 Baggers


We’ll prove the world isn’t flat. It’s round. Steve Jobs mantra was “Think Different.” Our mantra is “THINK GLOBAL.”


What’s the result of this Think Global Framework + Mindset?


We’ll slowly achieve Freedom of time and freedom of money. What follows is freedom of relationships and freedom of purpose.  


Thanks to technology we don’t have to be left out of the “kolumbu.” The game of taking Agency and Control of our financial future.


We’re in the “kolumbo.” Now invite at least two friends to join you on this journey. It’s more fun with a group of like-minded entrepreneur pioneers.


This Founder’s Group will pioneer a system that empowers Filipinos to enter the world of Global stock market investing.


We’ll co-create the UncleSAM course. We’ll  then offer it to interested Filipino Entrepreneurs living in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. Even OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) in different parts of the world.  

We’re calling this course “TRP UncleSAM,” in honor of Bo Sanchez and his pioneering SAM system of investing in the Philippine stock market.


Remember: Investing in the US stock market is less risky and more satisfying then investing only in the Philippine Stock Market.


Introduce PLC3: The Ownership Video


Now I want to tell you about the next video I’ve got for you: that’s the How Video. Where we’ll show the 7-Steps of execution. How to invest in the global stock market.


We’ve shared “Why” invest in the global stock market in Video 1. We shared “What” Stocks to Invest in, in Video 2. And now, in Video 3, we’ll share “ to invest in the Global market.


 You’re going to love Video 3. In fact, I think it will be your favorite in this series. I’m going to walk you through the 7 steps to help you launch. We’ll focus on HOW to get off the ground FAST.


It’s going to be really cool and I think you’re going to love it. So watch for Video 3 in your inbox.


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