Disclaimer: “Note: TRP UncleSAM is NOT connected with Bo Sanchez or the TrulyRichClub.”

TRP UncleSAM is the idea of Larry Gamboa, Ronald Cagape and Randy Manaloto

The Ownership Experience


 Introduction and Positioning


Hey there… it’s Larry Gamboa here, and welcome to the Think Rich Pinoy UncleSAM Course.

if you’re ready to 2X and 5X your life and business then this is the place to be.


I’m Larry and I’ve been helping Filipinos Expand their Entrepreneurial Freedom the last 20+ plus years. First, in partnership with the late Washington Sycip of SGV  and later as a coach in Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club.


And now through this TRP UncleSAM seed launch masterclass.


In this Masterclass, we’ve been choosing which road to take—invest primarily in the local stock market and/or invest primarily in the Global Stock market.


We looked at the pros and cons of investing in the global and local stock markets.


 It’s now time to decide and act. By the end of. This masterclass you’ll be given the opportunity to take a significant fork in your life’s journey.


This is our third video – How to actually invest in the Global Stock Market, and I think you’re going to love it.


You’ll get a feel for what it means to invest in the Global Stock market from home in the midst of this crisis we are in.


Thanks and Recap


Thanks for all the comments. The response has been amazing… (authority, social proof).


Now if you missed the first two videos in this Masterclass, I highly recommend you stop right now and go watch them…


They really are required for anyone who wants to intelligently invest in the Global Stock Market specifically “100 Baggers.” I want you to get the full value of this Masterclass,


So you should really go watch those videos in order… don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you.


In the first Video I taught you about the Opportunity--Why you should invest in in the Global Stock Market.


In the second video in we introduced you to a framework of WHAT to invest in.  The “100 Baggers.”  Stocks that return 100 to 1.  They return $100 for every  $1 invested.

That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1,000,000 long-term. Now we look at HOW to invest with the 7 steps of “How.”


The Problem


Today, we want to show How to invest (even when the world is going through a humongous crisis).


Frankly, objections may enter your head like: “How can I start when I’m deep in crisis mode and isn’t the Global stock market crashing too?”


When we Open Cart, we’ll schedule a Q & A Session to tackle objections that still need to be asked and re-asked. So please place comments and questions below.


The Solution


I’m not going to get all info-mercial and used-car salesman on you.  You’ve watched this free masterclass this far… You’ve heard and read about my story. Or heard about me through the grapevine (check out Victor Gamboa and/or Think Rich Pinoy on Google).  Do Check me out.


You may discover that what we’re saying may actually help you 2X to 5X your money in one year. But honestly, you’re scared. And we don’t blame you.


At first, we were too. Scared and unwilling to commit and take the first step.


But since you’ve stayed with me till now, let me simply share the 7 Steps needed to build  a “100 Bagger” portfolio of global stocks without leaving the comfort of home.


The first three steps, set the stage. The next four steps, you’ll jump into the swimming pool. And Voila! You find yourself floating. Soon your moving forward one stroke at a time.


 Do each of the 7 Steps  following the 4 C’s.  The 4 C’s are—Commitment, Courage, Capability and Confidence.


Here are the 7 Steps.


Step 1. Decide you’ll invest in the Global Stock Market (make a commitment to the world of global investing). Your Breakthrough first Step. Nothing happens unless someone moves…


Step 2. Choose which platform to use for your investments—ex. EToro, IBKR or Schwab?


Step 3. Fund your platform of choice by setting aside disposable funds of Philippine pesos converted to  U.S. dollars. Overnight, you’re poised to be OFW. An OFW earning from home.


Step 4. Join UncleSAM and truly be part of a Mastermind group of Elite OFW investors


Step 5. Select your portfolio of “100 Bagger” stocks to invest in. For example:  Say your disposable fund is US$10,000. You can: 1. Invest in 20 stocks @ $500 each, or 2.  invest in 10 stocks of $500 each, or 3. invest in 15 stocks of $500 each.  You choose.


Step 6. Actively (ex. weekly) track the growth of your portfolio.


Step 7. Continue to study, learn and invest in additional Foundation stocks to add to your portfolio. In effect, your goal is to buy and hold forever. 


Why sell if you have “100 Baggers?” Over time, compound growth turns your $10,000 to $1,000,000. Time Frame is 3 to 5 years.


In sum, you Find, Fund and Fix (and Hold Forever) just like Randy Manaloto does with his real estate and his Global stock market portfolios.


You might have seen other courses/programs at this level sell for $1000 or Php50,000. You might have seen other courses programs with similar features at this level sell for $2000 (Php100,000).


However, if you purchase TRP UncleSAM today you won’t pay Php50,000 or $1000.


You won’t pay Php100,000 or Php50,000. Instead if you click the button below you’ll get to co-create TRP UncleSAM together with the your 3 “Rich Uncles”—Ronald Cagape, Randy Manaloto and Larry Gamboa.


PLUS: We’re not done! If you invest in TRP UncleSAM today, you’ll not only get everything I’ve just mentioned, but you’ll also get a license to share TRP UncleSAM with a colleague or business partner. They’ll be first in line after this first elite Founder’s group.


Note: Here are benefits once you commit to TRP UncleSAM.


  • You get a trustworthy Curator and Coach to cut through the Noise in the U.S. market.


  • You get to Deploy TRP UncleSAM tools (ex. TRP BMC) to get your own company to pivot and scale and grow your disposable income each month.


  • Learn the key principle that Secular trends of innovative & disruptive companies in the U.S. opens your portfolio to exponential growth.


You avoid the pitfall of Day Trading.

Next We Recap What You’ll Get


You are getting Think Rich Pinoy UncleSAM System – an IPO-type premium course on financial literacy, stock market and real estate investing.


You run with a mastermind group of Committed, Courageous, Confident and Capable Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs.


This Founder’s Course of top entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs who’re open and willing to share personal Secrets of Success.


Your investment to be part of this Mastermind group will be discuss on the next video. Once you are in, the TRP UncleSAM Course starts this Monday at 10 to 12 am. And 8 succeeding sessions thereafter.


Plus you’re get a license to share Think Rich Pinoy UncleSAM  with a colleague or significant other.


No copyright restriction. You’ve our permission to let trusted friends copy your portfolio. Now that’s paying it forward!




We like to over deliver. That’s why you’re getting the “Call Me” Bonus. This is one 30 minute zoom appointment with me Larry Gamboa, personally.


In this Zoom call you will be asked to answer one key question that will change your business (and personal) life for years to come.


I will hold a lottery from the first 5 people to sign up. The lottery will determine who the 5 lucky persons will be for this “Call Me” Bonus.


(Larry uses the D.O.S. Worksheet tool of Dan Sullivan on the call).


OK, so this video is all about the How of “100 Baggers” – it’s about HOW to invests in the Global Stock Market. Once you do each of the 7 Steps then you’ll leave a legacy that’s priceless. 


When you design your portfolio, then you’ll have the privilege of paying it forward and make your impact in the world.


You’ve freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose to be the best version of yourself.

Pivot to Your Offer


It’s been awesome sharing this information and seeing the excitement and results…


That’s why we’ve put together this FREE Masterclass…


It’s been a fun and rewarding experience, creating and sharing these videos with you. We’ve been getting great comments and we love the interaction and community it has created (seed social proof).


I know these free videos have already made a big impact on many people who have been commenting. Maybe it’s even helped you.


If you’re interested in taking this even further and taking the next step, I’ve put together a special offer… (give a few details).


I’ll be opening the course soon. We’ll enroll thisFounder’s class of 30-50 persons, and then we’ll have to close registration so we can start TRP UncleSAM soonest.




  • You PIVOT from a fearful & paralyzed mindset to an Abundance Mindset. Move from “I can’t” to an “I can” abundance growth mindset.

  • Deploy TRP UncleSAM Tools/Courses (ex TRP BMC) to target your mindset to build a Team.

  • How?  You take charge of your life and business---short term and long-term.

  • In effect, you’re able to Expand Pinoy Entrepreneurial Freedom (time, money, relationshps, purpose) and impact the world. Start with your neighborhood, outwards


Summary and Bonus


In sum, You Learn to use ClubTRP tools on your business while you PIVOT to trade the US market—overnight, through a tool like TRP UncleSAM.  Patiently w/ daily exercise of The Examen and Entrepreneurship as taught by Bro Raymond Callo>