What if there was a way that, once learned, gets you to invest in the Global Stock market even as you invest in the local stock market?

Disclaimer: “Note: TRP UncleSAM is NOT connected with Bo Sanchez or the TrulyRichClub.”

TRP UncleSAM is the idea of Larry Gamboa, Ronald Cagape and Randy Manaloto

Well, we’ve got it.  Here’s a 7-Step System that will bring you to the next level in your, and your Family’s Financial Journey. 

I’m Larry Gamboa. 

Together with Ronald Cagape and Randy Manaloto, I’ve helped Filipinos expand their entrepreneurial freedom as Real Estate & Stocks Investors/Brokers, Business Owners, Authors, Speakers & Seminar Leaders for the last 14+ years.

Initially, we did this through the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminars. Now, we’re launching our elite Course--TRP UncleSAM (Strategic Asset  Management)

In TRP UncleSAM, we’ll do a workshop on Business Model You (BMY) and share with you case studies of  “How to safely and profitably invest in the global stock market.” 


In these case studies, you’ll listen to the Business Model Canvass of some Foundational Stocks we will be recommending and wisdom from Filipino entrepreneurs who are currently investing comfortably in the U.S. stock market.


Want to try the 7-Step System and grow your investment Globally with less risk than if you invested only in the Philippine Stock market?


The 7-Step System builds, with your help, a Global portfolio of “100 Baggers.” These are Global Stocks that you  can actually Find, Fund, Build, and Hold.


With each round of 7 Steps, you Find, Fund, Build and Hold Global Stocks for at least 3 – 5 years. 


Each of the 7 Steps takes 4C’s: Commitment, Courage, Capability and Confidence. Actions that flow from a Growth Mindset


And you ACT as part of a Mastermind group of like-minded Investors and Entrepreneurs. 


Through TRP UncleSAM,  you commit to join an elite group of 30 to 50 Co-Founding Mastermind sharers. 


We’ve helped more than eight thousand Filipinos (OFW’s, Employees and Entrepreneurs) go through our Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminars  (TRP-AS) the past 14 years  (Fourteen years held 4X’s per year.)

Through TRP AS we taught Filipino Entrepreneurs financial literacy and real estate investing.. Both inspired by ideas taught by Bo Sanchez (My Maid Invests in the Stock Market). 

Bo pioneered a smart way of investing in the Philippine Stock Market. He called it SAM (Strategic Averaging Method).


Larry Gamboa inspired Filipinos to be real estate investors through his best-seller “Think Rich, Pinoy!” 

Then Larry partnered with Bo to co-create Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar (TRP AS)  to teach global Filipinos financial literacy. 


Flash!  Bo Sanchez’s launched his amazing E-book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market,” And launched his Truly Rich Club Platinum Group that’s helped thousands of Filipinos invest in the local Stock Market.

We invested in real estate and poured cash flow earned  into the Philippine Stock Market inspired by Bo’s leadership. This sets the stage for the next breakthrough for Filipino Entrepreneurs.


Ronald Cagape, the Think Rich Pinoy Gamemaster for Cash Flow 101) came up with his book “No Money Down Real Estate” and a course called the “Dealmaker’s Institute.’ 

Randy Manaloto a top Real Estate Entrepreneur and Investor joined us. Randy has  more than a dozen apartments with 500+ units in Poblacion Makati. 

Randy became our real estate mentor, partner and now—Coach. 

Now, with your help we’re about to launch TRP UncleSAM. It’s a course focused on investing in all Asset Class particularly Global Stocks.


Objections that Shout STOP!


One objection states, “Isn’t investing in the the U.S. market too risky?” You add, “There’s global pandemic. And the U.S. is going through tumultuous Presidential elections.”

Another objection is this. “It’s hard enough investing in the Philippine stock market. It’s even harder in the volatile U.S. stock market.” 

In one word the biggest objection is FEAR.

We feel your fear. Yes, but there are two kinds of fear. First, Fear that paralyzes.  Second is fear that motivates and energizes. 


TRP UncleSAM builds on the second fear.  Fear that motivates and energizes Filipinos who grasp the concept of “100 Baggers”  and the 7-Steps. 

So ordinary Filipinos can 2X to 5X their money by building a growth mindset os 4C’s—Commitment, Courage, Capability and Confidence.


The 4C’s rests on learning the right mindset. A mindset that grows like muscles as Entrepreneurs follow a TRP UncleSAM  7-Step system.

Proof and Testimonials
Here is Ronald Cagape’s review of Nikki Yu’s Interview of Randy Manaloto.

But before we tell you more about TRP UncleSAM  ... we have to warn you..why you have to register now, i.e. this program is going to be interactive, and since it’s an online coaching program... registration will only open for a short time. 

Then we’ll close registration and start the class.

The bottom line is that we're going to work together to co-create TRP UncleSAM. It’s going to be a lot of work and interaction, primarily online. Exciting and challenging because we’re doing this in the midst of a global pandemic.

You and I together, we (Ronald, Randy and I with YOU)  are going to co-create a course. At the same time you’ll  build a Foundation Global portfolio for yourself.  It’s call killing two birds with one stone.


So by now, you’re probably thinking that I’ve put together a pretty amazing offer... 

But we thought long and hard about how we could make this offer even better. And we came up with not one, not two... but three amazing bonuses. 

Each one of these bonuses would easily be worth more than the cost of the entire TRP UncleSAM system. 

The first bonus is all about helping you to choose the best platform to use and provide you the initial list of UncleSAM Global Stocks you can start investing in immediately. You’ll get a QuickStart tutorial or one on one personalize virtual assistant. That alone is worth Php10,000.00

The second bonus is  you’ll get Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas.(TRP BMC.) I’ve never sold TRP BMC to the general public before, but when I do, it will be (Php6,997 ). 

And you’ll get TRP BMC as a  FREE Bonus when you join TRP UncleSAM. 

And that brings us to the FINAL BIG SURPRISE... the last piece of the puzzle that makes this a COMPLETE no-brainer... and this is it. 


You’ll also get to be part of a TRP UncleSAM Contest. The prize “Special 30 Minute Call Me”  bonus worth Php10,000. We will raffle the prize to the first 10 Enrollees who join TRP UncleSAM.


(Price Reveal) 


So... if you add up the value of JUST those last three bonuses... well, you’re already at (Php26,997.00). 


So by now, you’re probably wondering what the cost for TRP UncleSAM will be. 


Remember, if you want to grow your investments by 2X to 5X then you need 4 actions/decisions: Commitment, Courage, Capability and Confidence. 

Think about how your life will be different if you become part of this Pioneering Elite group of Filipino Global Investors.

(Here’s What to Do Now)


So go ahead and click the button below the video and join me in TRP UncleSAM . 

JOIN US NOW and I'll see you in the program... 

Revealed: Get 2X to 5X ROI in Global without Daily Trading & Monitoring


Get ready to have your investing mindset turned upside down in a great way. This is for you if:

  • You have been cost averaging in the Philippine Stock Market through stocks or mutual funds and while you're getting good returns, there are many opportunities of getting equal or even higher returns in the global equity markets while diversifying your asset portfolio!

  • You have not been investing in the stock market and would like to diversify your investments in markets that are not affected by local economic or political happenings.

  • You have strong cashflow or cash in the bank and want to maximize your investment ROI by deploying your cash to “100 Bagger” investments for exponential growth.

It's time to invest long-term in World-Class Multinational Companies like Amazon, Apple and Netflix. Or better yet, it's time to invest in the next Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

​Yes, it's now possible for Filipinos to invest in global companies even if you don't have millions to invest. Now, even the “small”  Filipino investor can participate in the world market.


​However, it's not easy to know what companies will become the giants of the future. If you hear them on the news, it's already too late.

That's why you need an edge. That edge is TRP UncleSAM.


​SAM, which stands for Strategic Asset Management, is a long-term strategy for building wealth through global assets such as equities,


ETF's, bonds, currencies, real estate and other investment products practical to investors.


We call it TRP UncleSAM because, well, it's easy to think of global markets when you hear UncleSAM.


So what exactly will you get when you enroll in TRP UncleSAM.

What's Inside TRP UncleSAM?

  • You co-create and pinpoint Foundational Stock Picks to get you started in building a high-growth global stock market portfolio


  • Use the TRP Business Model Canvass to analyze Initial "Best Buy" 100 Bagger Stocks that are strategically positioned to gain massive long-term returns.


  • The TRP Business Model You Workshop to get you pointed in the right direction in your global business and investment strategy

  • Research and Analytical Studies into long-term secular trends and market disruptions that will change the future and provide you with an amazing investment opportunities globally without leaving the country.

  • Mindset and Market education from your "Rich Uncles" so you start to develop long-term vision and   become a world-class global investor.

Our Money-back Guarantee

​Plus you have our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You have 14 days to build your 100 Bagger Foundation portfolio. 

You can ask for your money back any time during the first 14 days, no questions asked. 

​But we're confident that you will make your initial investment back from TRP Uncle SAM as you co-create this Course and Build a solid Growth Mindset. And 20 Foundation stocks in 4 weeks. 

​In fact, this small step could be the key to True Financial Independence for you and your family.

Please click the button and join UncleSAM now.

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