What are the 8 Wealth-Building Secrets of an Apartment Tycoon?

If you follow all these 8 tips, your wealth is almost guaranteed.


Because they came from someone who has been there and done that.

He doesn’t just own one asset class; he owns multiple units in multiple asset classes.

Thousands of apartment units.

More than a hundred of world-class companies in a global stock portfolio.

Multiple businesses that give him income streams even amidst a crisis.

So when he speaks about building wealth, everyone should listen.

Ronald Cagape listened and took notes; and he’s sharing his insights from this Apartment Tycoon’s secrets.

Insights like:

  1. The #1 requirement BEFORE you start investing.

  2. The dead simple approach to have excess cashflow every month even during a crisis.

  3. The mindset this "rich uncle" has that allows him to spot investment opportunities.

  4. One of his most important investments that gives him an unfair advantage over other investors.

  5. The strategies the rich use to get richer even in a constantly changing world, (and it's not what you think)

  6. What the rich invest in that ensures they don't lose money.

  7. How to go from zero to wealthy even if you have only ONE working strategy.

  8. This rich uncle's mindset and why he doesn't need to do day-trading to get richer.​

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After watching part 1, you can now watch part 2 below.

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