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TRP AS – The Ownership Experience 

Hey there… it’s Larry Gamboa here, and welcome to the Think Rich Pinoy BMC … 

If you’re ready to 2X to 5X your life and business, then this is the place to be. 


I’m  Larry Gamboa and I’ve been helping Entrepreneurs find their passion and monetize it as Authors,

Speakers, Seminar Leaders and Real Estate Investors for more than 20 years using tools such as the Think

Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas. 


I’m sharing this with you after having just completed a  TRP Seed Launch with entrepreneur's pivoting during this crisis so they're able to come out ready and able to 2X to 5X their personal and professional life and business.

We did this by sharing the TRP BMC Blueprint.


It started years ago when I enrolled at Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula. 
From the Old Long Sales Letter Jeff pivoted to the Sideways Sales Letter. 
First he did a Seed Launch. Next an Internal Launch. And then a Joint Venture Launch.

I simply put the Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas (TRP BMC) right in the middle of the 3 launches.

This gave Results that I could test in real life: 


This is our Third Video – the Ownership Video and I think you’re going to love it. 

Thanks and Recap 

Thanks for all the comments. The response has been amazing… (authority, social proof). 

Now if you missed the first two videos in this series, I highly recommend you stop right now and go watch them… they really are required viewing for anyone who wants to 2X to 5X their business during times of crisis. I want you to get the full value of this workshop, so you should really go watch those videos in order… don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you. 

In the first of two videos, I taught you about the Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas (TRP BMC) and how to use this simple 9-Box tool to pivot in the midst of a pandemic crisis.… and I shared what’s possible  when you are able to face blocks and fears that prevent you from acting.

The Problem of Fear and Depression in a Recession 


Today, what I want to show you is how to solve the problem of fear and depression even as the world and our country sinks into a recession. 

Larry, How can I start when I’m deep in crisis mode and isn’t the local and global  market crashing too? 

Like the character  "Hamilton" (title of the hit Disney musical released in March) , you feel you're caught in a Hurricane


TRC AS Pivots to an Unexpected Solution


I’m not going to get all info-mercial and used-car salesman on you.  You’ve watched this entire training session, and you’ve listened to me…

You’ve heard my story. How I've used Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula to build my Think Rich Pinoy Brand and Seminar business over the last 12+ years where I've graduated more than 8,209 students from. the Corporate and Entrepreneurial Sectors of our country.

At first, in Partnership with the legendary Washington Sycip of SGV and the last ten years as a Coach in the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. 

Now with this crisis pandemic, I pivoted from my tried and tested LIVE Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar and overnight did a Think Rich Pinoy Webinar--ONLINE. That's a Pivot!

A Think Rich Pinoy Seed Launch followed in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic where I created a product, grew my list of Entrepreneurs and OFW's who're returning home with money but with no business.

Not only were we able to pivot and continue to offer. the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar, but we've developed a Blueprint of how Pinoy Entrepreneurs can survive and thrive in times of crisis.

The results and case studies from Think Rich Pinoy Student-Entrepreneurs are mind-blowing. So I've decided to share my Blueprint with you in this TRP BMC Workshop which will start after this third video.  I'll then open registration to my Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Webinar--Pivot Edition.

But first, let me give you a taste of the Ownership Experience of becoming a TRP BMC student/entrepreneur. 

You know what I’m saying can help you 2X to 5X your money in one year even as you stay safe in your home.


So here’s what’s inside what you’re getting when you commit to act and enroll in  TRP BMC. 


You are getting a Think Rich Pinoy  PIVOT product that came out of this Pandemic. It’s a heck of a story of being hit by lightning. A thunderbolt in a Hurricane like at “Hamilton” the Disney movie/play.


This includes stories of real live entrepreneurs who are able to pivot and share their story online over 2 days from 10 to 12 in the morning.

At TRP BMC, you'll listen to the Case Study of Elmer Relente, the farmer (or Nestor Dadulla, returning OFW).  But first learn from what I share in this share.

At TRP BMC you’re getting 8 hours of live pivot game-changing wisdom (strategy and mindset) on how to apply each step of the TRP BMC framework with 9-boxes. Just like the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Steve Blank did, or just like European entrepreneurs do (with the help of Alexander Osterwalder, inventor and co-author of the "Business Model Generation)" Book that  launched thousands of start-ups in Europe and the USA  prior to the crisis that's come upon all of us now.

By the. way, you'll also get a FREE copy of my book, "The Millennials Guide to Kick$tarting a Business." Disclaimer: The book is a workbook for you to create you TRP BMC. TRP BMY with live examples and applications. 


You'll  have a question and answer session with a Mastermind of like-minded  entrepreneurs as you take the TRP BMC Pivot Online Course. 


My TRP BMC Course sells currently for Php 5,997.00


You might have seen other courses/programs at this level sell for $1000 or Php50,000 (if true). You might have seen other courses programs with similar features at this level sell for  Php100,000 ($2000). But these programs don’t even do HALF of what you’re getting with Think Rich Pinoy’s TRP BMC Course.

However, if you purchase TRP BMC today, you won’t pay Php100,000 or $200.

You won’t pay Php 70,000 or even Php50,000. Instead if you click the button when we open cart,  you’ll get a spot in the   TRP BMC Course.


PLUS: We’re not done! If you invest in TRP BMC today, you’ll not only get everything I’ve just mentioned, but you’ll also get a license to share  TRP BMC Course with a colleague or business partner, FREE since they will be beside you but practicing social distancing. Get it?

Why TRP BMC Points You to Do A Mastermind Pivot 

With TRP BMC you'll find yourself surrounded by fellow Entrepreneurs and Coaches to support and encourage you during this time of chaos and noise

You'll learn how to Deploy  the TRP BMC tool to get your company positioned to weather this and any future crisis. 


Note: Secular trends of innovative & disruptive companies, with the right TRP Business Model Canvas, both in the US and the Philippines, opens the door for exponential growth. I learned this when I joined Awesome 10X of Nikki Uy with the help of my mentor Randy Manaloto. 


LET Me Recap What You Get


You are getting the Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC System – an IPO-type  Edition of the premier digital marketing tool  and real estate program in the country today. You get the TRP  BMC System with live pivot-entrepreneurs sharing their secrets with the Business Model Canvas for a one-time investment of Php5997.00


Plus you’re also getting a complete license to share Think Rich Pinoy TRP BMC  with a colleague or significant other. 


Plus, once you're in TRP BMC or TRP BMC Premier, you'll get a copy of the Business Model You (BMY), another TRP tool.

Answer Questions and Address Objections in the Midst of Today's Hurricane. 


One of the limiting beliefs folks share in their comments goes something like, "Larry, I'm just a returning OFW with little training in business is. Isn't entrepreneurship too hard and too risky for me? It's for experts. And I'm not an expert. I've no credentials."

That's the beauty of it all. There's no experts in this crisis Pandemic. We're all beginners learning how to swim in the sea of uncertainty. Only some chose to do it with a Blueprint. While others do not. Which do you choose to be?


Pivot to An Offer that Builds An Innovation Stack


It’s been awesome sharing this information about results of the recently concluded,  "TRP  Seed Launch."  Now we're doing a TRP Internal Launch for a two pronged version-1. TRP BMC  and  2. TRP BMC Premier.  


That’s why I'm doing this unique TRP BMC Internal Launch


It's been awesome, fun and rewarding, creating and sharing these videos with you. I’ve been getting great comments despite my limitations and tech glitches,  and I love the interaction and community it's created. 

I know these free videos have already made a big impact on folks who comment, maybe it’s even helped you. 


Now you may be wondering what it takes to achieve transformation and ownership, so you can see and measure your business transform from X to 2X, that's 100% to 200% growth. Right from the comfort of you home and or village. 


If you’re interested in taking this even further and taking the next step, I’ve put together a special offer… the TRP BMC Premier for no more than 12 participants. Watch for it when I open cart. 

I’ll be opening the course soon to enrol a new class, and then we’ll have to close registration so we can start the program. I’ll have lots of details about the upcoming TRP BMC and how you can get started… so look for us to Open Cart very soon. 


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